A Tale of Two Parties

In the halls of upper management
a jolly couple dwells.

The kings sit on their thrones

They seem so incompatible

but they fit together well.

A moment of intimacy

Of violent disagreement

consists their daily show,

grabbing at guns

yet one thing they agree on

is the good ol’ Status Quo.

Two friends in the tub

They plead, they pledge, they promise

and they swear they got our backs,

Two innocent floating angels

all while pitching fatcats,
with whom they can relax.

Nothing to see here folks

Their stooges on the airwaves

will have us all believe…

A fight breaks out on cable news

…that everything is black & white,

as if we’re all naive.

Two friends high five in front of the tv

Endless wars and drugs and guns,

the Parties must go on:

Two drunken friends ride a falling thing

Monopolize the capital,
continue with the con!

A wrestler on the shoulders of another wrestler

Keep the Fed a-printing,

keep Wall Street wallets fat!

Dancing in a shower of money

Forget about the working class,
call Pubelick & Muckrat!

partners in crime